Tayler Fisher is an artist based in Loughborough, England. In painting, sculpture, collage and sound, he employs visual dubbing: a deconstruction to core elements that are filtered and maximised. Alien environments, sampled imagery, altered figuration and echoed languages combine to discover comfortable spaces in the uncanny. Autobiographical visions of the present and shared historical experiences are examined and combined to explore imagined realities and possible growth.

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Recent exhibitions:
︎ Surface, Series, Signs, Trace Gallery, Nottingham, 12th - 26th August 2023
︎ SNARE, Gasleak Mountain, Nottingham, 19th August 2023
︎ UNSEEING, Modern Painters New Decorators, Loughborough, 28th July 2023
︎ UNSEEN, Not An Opera, Modern Painters New Decorators, Loughborough, November - December 2022