'Focusing on the idea of distortion I use paint, sculpture and sound to bend, filter and reconstitute images and ideas. Malignant environments, abstracted imagery, twisted figuration and degraded languages combine to create a sort of alternative reality. ⁠

The process acts as personal exorcising whilst the work aims to find a comfortable space amongst the dystopia it occupies.'⁠


b.93, England


Contact: taylerfisher@hotmail.co.uk

- 2011 - 2012 Foundation Diploma, Loughborough University
- 2013 - 2016 BA Fine Art, Loughborough University

- Earthling, Modern Painters New Decorators, Loughborough, 19th June - 31st July 2021
- The Good Life, Modern Painters New Decorators, Loughborough, 21st February - 4th April 2020
- A Window To Reality, Graff.io Arts, Loughborough, 6th January - 20th February 2020
- Street Art Festival, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 23rd June - 15th July 2017
- Like Cattle That Go Down To The Plain, The London Arts Board, London, 23rd July - 23rd August 2017
- FBA Futures, Mall Galleries, London, 9th January - 20th January 2017
- Pulse, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, 4th November - 19th November 2016
- Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, London, 7th July - 11th July 2016